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Hi. My name is Heather, and I’ve been a Professional Photographer for 12 years. I specialize in portraits of babies, children, and pets.

Let’s pretend you’re a mom with a 3 month old baby, and we meet.  You’ve got your baby with you, and I comment on how adorable he is.  You smile with pride.  You tell me that you took him to a photographer for his newborn pictures, and excitedly offer to show me.  I say I’d love to see them.  You pull out a few prints and hand them over, all smiles.

It so happens that the pictures you had done are, well, not good.  Not good at all.  As a Professional Photographer, I easily spot a lot of things that you wouldn’t see on images coming out of my studio.

What I say to you: “Your baby is adorable!”

What I want to say to you: “I wish I could get you to take off your mommy goggles. Your baby is adorable, but these images are awful. You love them because you love your baby, and you’re looking at the images through your mommy goggles.  I wish you could see that they are horribly underexposed.  I wish I could make you understand that none of them are even in focus.  Your baby is posed awkwardly and looks really uncomfortable, and the angle from which the ‘photographer’ took the picture is not flattering.  This is drugstore printing too, these are not good quality images and won‘t stand the test of time.  I’m really sad that these are the only images you will have of him as a newborn, because I see him sitting there on your lap and he’s beautiful – and the images are not.  I think it’s a shame.”

I can’t say that, can I?  I can’t give you my honest, expert assessment – that would be considered rude by  most people, even though I was being truthful in my comments.  I wouldn’t be intending to hurt you, but no doubt I would.  You’d probably throw a dirty diaper at me and take your adorable baby and go talk to someone else.

And the thing is – how in the world is the average consumer supposed to know what a good portrait looks like, anyway? After all, you got these horrible images from a person who is in business and presenting themselves as a competent photographer.  And she obviously thought they were good since she sold them to you and put them on her website and Facebook page, so how are you to know any different?

If you are looking for a photographer, this site will help you Take Off Your Mommy Goggles, and learn to make an educated choice about who you hire. We’ll do this by teaching you what to look for when looking at photographers websites, how to tell good images from not-good images, and how you can judge if a specific photographer is a good fit for your needs.  We’ll spell out the difference between a Professional Photographer and a “Fauxtographer”  (hint:  you want the Professional Photographer!)  We’ll also explain a little bit of how the industry works, so you’ll have a better understanding of pricing, prints and products that may be available from your chosen professional.  Our Registry can provide you with names and websites of Professional Photographers in your area who have met the standards to be listed on our site.

If you are a Professional Photographer, this site can help your clients and potential clients understand what sets you apart from the plethora of Fauxtographers hanging up shingles these days. You can share this site as a way to educate the public on things you’ve always wished you could – such as how to tell a good print from a bad one. Our examples are straightforward and visual, so clients can compare and learn.  Our registry also provides a way for potential clients to find you.

Educated consumers can help our industry by refusing to settle for inferior work produced by less-than-professional businesses. Over time, my hope and wish is that those less-than-professional businesses will fade away as educated consumers see the difference, importance, and value in investing in top-notch work.


You’ve been brought to this page because it’s an intro to what this site is all about. For the most recent blog posts, please visit the blog. Blog posts are categorized under The Good, The Bad & The Ugly as well.

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